Autor: Mackintosh, Charles Henry

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Each Member – A Help or a Hindrance: Which? (C.H. Mackintosh)
A question for all in the assembly
Locuri din Biblie: 1. Cor 12, Cuvinte cheie: Church: Meetings; Guidance of the Spirit
There is a vast difference between an assembly of people gathered round some gifted man, and one gathered simply to the Lord Himself, on the ground of the one body. It is one thing to be gathered by ministry, and quite another to be gathered to it. ... mai multIf people are merely gathered to ministry, when the ministry goes they are apt to go too. But when earnest, true-hearted, devoted souls are gathered simply to the Lord Himself, then, while they are most thankful for true ministry when they can get it, they are not dependent upon it. They do not value gift less, but they value the Giver more. They are thankful for the streams, but they depend only upon the Fountain.
The unequal yoke (C.H. Mackintosh)
Articole: 5, Locuri din Biblie: 2. Korinther 6:14-18, Cuvinte cheie: Yoke; Unequal yoke