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Dirk Schürmann (SoundWords)

Dirk Schürmann, born in 1962, married, two children, living in Wuppertal, was privileged to grow up in a Christian family where his parents taught him to appreciate the Word of God and where he also found faith in the Lord Jesus.

Editors (SoundWords)

Short biography of the editors

Hamilton Smith (1862–1943) (L. Hodgett)

Cuvinte cheie: Biographies; Men of faith

Hamilton Smith is a much loved expositor of the Scriptures. He wrote on many different portions of the Bible but is probably best known for his character studies of Abraham, Elijah, Elisha, Joseph, and Ruth which have been published in several ... mai multlanguages. His writings are terse and yet do not lack content as a consequence of their brevity. One of his effective teaching methods is short, profound comparisons and contrasts. His book on the Song of Solomon is a classic example of the way his writings draw out the heart to the One he served so faithfully all his life.