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“The End of all Things is at Hand” (E. Dennett)

1 Peter 4:7–8

Scriptures: 1 Peter 4     Keywords: New Year's Eve; Coming of the Lord; End Time

It may be well questioned whether we are as deeply conscious of the instability of things around and of the approaching end as were the early Christians. At the close of the year, or of any other period of time, we may be impressed with it; but it ... moreis very doubtful if we live daily with the thought that all things are rapidly heading up for the Lord’s interposition in power to establish His kingdom. The fact and the teaching of Scripture we are acquainted with, for the subject is often dwelt upon in conversation and in the ministry of the Word; and yet, somehow or another, we relapse into counting upon the continuance of all things as they have been from the beginning of the creation.

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