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We would be happy if there were many readers who regularly have us on their prayer list. We are fallible instruments and want to spread the word of the Lord with this work. For this we need – daily – God’s wisdom and also God’s guidance, especially with regard to current topics that burn on Christians’ souls, or also for pastoral cases. It is our desire to impart really sound words that really help us Christians and are edifying or exhorting. Please pray for us!

Practical Help

SoundWords lives primarily from articles that have already been published somewhere in an other language, or from lectures that are put down on paper (or into the internet). Thus, a substantial part consists of writing and translation work with subsequent proofreading. So if some one is able to help in translation work any help would be highly appreciated. Please contact us if you are interested.

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Financial Help

SoundWords is financed exclusively by our own initiative and donations. 

Friends who share our concern that Bible-based literature should be widely distributed and find its way into the church of God can help us to make SoundWords even more comprehensive and comfortable and thus produce even more blessings. For professional and family reasons, we depend on the help of volunteers. Those among these workers who are themselves in need of support, we would like to support financially. The bottom line is that every donation really does help a bit. We would be happy if this project also became a matter close to your heart.

Guarantee: One hundred percent of every donation will be used for SoundWords. (Unfortunately, we cannot provide a donation receipt that is valid for the tax office, as this work is based on a purely private initiative!)

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We are heartily thankful for every prayer, helping hand or donation!

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